System Design


We provide up-close consulting services on how to successfully obtain recognized certifications to IATA CEIV Pharma, GDP, ISO and other air logistics regulations and standards.

When designing quality systems, we provide simple, cost-effective, and innovative solutions to close the areas for improvement that were identified during the gap analysis stage.

We design risk-based quality management and handling programs for all air cargo supply chain stakeholders. Each program is specifically designed to accommodate the roles and responsibilities from each individual stakeholder’s unique point of view.

Our programs encompass all organizational roles such as customer service, cargo handling and, supplier management together with back-office control and support. We cover the integration of each of these roles into a complete QMS, with specific controls in place within every internal and external interface.

We cover all aspects of quality management system establishment including change management, planning and implementation of corrective and preventive actions, self-inspection and internal audit program, management reviews, risk management and handling of customer feedback.

Our tailor-made and flexible training program options are based on a comprehensive requirement analysis approach, suitable to meet the specific training needs of your commercial and operational personnel. All our learning modules are designed to support diligent compliance to applicable regulatory requirements and global standards of quality. Further included are the development of an in-house training database and training collaterals, featuring “train the trainer” curriculum, with training effectiveness evaluation for each covered syllabus.

We design pharmaceutical handling policy that is suitable for the entire organization, as well as document management program which includes creation of document templates, forms, and checklists. It includes critical pharmaceutical handling process design that meets specific location needs, capabilities, and limitations, giving attention on expedited handling & critical control points supervision.

Procedures on selection and qualification of critical suppliers are also included among our product offerings which covers the development of Service Level Agreements. It highlights accountabilities on conducting periodical audits, monitoring strategies for KPI’s, and other key elements that would ensure that critical suppliers are aligned with quality management requirements.


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