“At Pharma GDP, we provide you the full spectrum of services that would enable you to run your air cargo business in full compliance to relevant standards, and catapult your organizational performance forward to a greater leap.” 


GDP Compliance / CEIV Pharma Certification Consulting Services

Whether you have sufficient experienced team members or not to start with, it doesn’t matter! Our consulting services will guarantee that you’ll get awarded with IATA CEIV Pharma Certification like a pro. We’ve escorted many of companies in gaining this certification and we’ll do the same for you. With a wealth of implementation insights and industry-best practices that we’ve accumulated over the years, we’ll not just be telling you what to do. Instead, we’ll be doing every step of process alignment with you.

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ISO 9001 QMS Certification Support

Want to get certified with the most popular quality assurance standard worldwide? Our ISO 9001 Certification specialized support program will make sure that you get access to the latest, cost-effective and highly efficient industry-best practices that will make your ISO 9001 Certification journey a breeze.

And we can assure you that with our ISO 9001 QMS customizations, you’ll not only achieve a badge to attract growing tenders from your clients. Our practical, tested and up-to-date quality management system design will even more reward your organization with a solid culture of continual improvement at each step of your entire business process, year after year.


Risk Management

Compliance to Risk Management requirements is contained in almost every client contract, regulatory, and global standards of quality. We have dedicated expertise on air cargo handling industry covering numerous verticals, further teamed with professional talents, of diverse and experienced exposure across different industrial applications. So you’re sure to get the most out of every risk management activity, spanning not only on quality aspects but also in physical security, health & safety, information security, environmental preservation and social accountability.


Pharmaceutical Handling Training

You can never go wrong in entrusting us to equip your team on pharma handling. That’s because you can also bank on our seasoned affiliation with IATA,  as it drives out its mission to maintain product integrity past every pharmaceutical logistic lane.

As proper cargo handling is at the core of your business, our highly extensive Pharma Handling Training Program does not only cater to the delicate pharmaceutical handling specifications but is also a fool-proof training investment applicable across other verticals. We offer flexible and tailored training courses that will empower your commercial and operational personnel, including in-class, online and self-learning programs.  On top of that, we’ll also provide you with an up-close support in carrying out your staff training needs analysis, and in addition, develop and build an in-house training data base and training collaterals for your organization. We’ll also provide you with Train the Trainer learning courses and valuable evaluation of training effectiveness.   Our aim is to train your team to think beyond the SOP.


Process Design and Documentation

Need to start up your process documentation from scratch? Starting from top level implementation policies and manuals to development of standard operating procedures, work instructions, checklists and forms, up to generating applicable records, we got you covered!

We even give focus on critical pharmaceutical handling process design that meets specific location needs, capabilities and limitations, with focus on expedited handling, critical control points supervision and the maintenance of the integrity on the pharmaceutical products. Our Pharma Handling and Quality System documentation structure covers every aspect of your air cargo business operation.

With our compliant and proven functional document management system, you can be sure to end up with a customized, streamlined and practical organizational documents, bearing a polished look and feel, and demonstrating professionalized internal processes.

Supplier Management

Pharma GDP realizes the huge percentage of a company’s success and value that is dependent on its business suppliers. Therefore, supplier management is a fundamental element in almost every regulatory and compliance standard. Partner with us so we can take off of your streamlined tasks list, the time-consuming and labor-intensive load of on-boarding your suppliers and routine monitoring of their performance, thus focusing your well-invested resources on more strategic operational activities.

With our wealth of experience dealing with air freight-specific business industries, regulatory bodies and stakeholders, we are confident to deliver only a well-maintained supplier base for your company, with the associated risks systematically identified and managed, ensuring compliance and a reliable flow of supply.

By first designing your supplier selection and qualification scheme, we’ll help you identify the critical suppliers relevant to the nature of your business. We would further structure your service level agreements to ensure that all the necessary pharma handling provisions legally cover your operational compliance, right within every contract. Our package offers a regular audit and performance evaluation program so you can effectively monitor your business partners, on-site or off-site.

With our comprehensive and centralized supplier management solutions, you can be sure to get only consistent and reliable approaches in managing the providers of your operational essentials.


Temperature Mapping and Monitoring

You can never go wrong investing on a reliable Temperature Mapping and Monitoring Solutions with us. Complete with comprehensive instructional documentation, equipment, infrastructure and excellent know-how, our temperature mapping service and monitoring system will absolutely give you peace of mind.

This package includes a self-installed kit and remote monitoring feature that’s coordinated to our designated team of experts, dedicated to support the initial temperature mapping stage. We’ll then translate the resulting mapping data conclusions into operational work instructions. Our dependable tools and technology support critical control points identification and smooth data analysis capabilities for better routine monitoring, decision making and management of your site operations.


External Responsible Person 

It is disheartening to lose business with clients due to revoked recognitions or certifications, simply because your organization gets bombarded and carried away with daily urgent matters. With our dedicated experts representing you and overseeing your processes, you can be reassured that you get awarded with compliance certification, in every third-party assessment.

Our expertise in air cargo compliance and certification standards are available to back you up during external audits, be it a client evaluation, regulatory, or certification assessment. We cover every part of your pharma handling management system, making sure that you maintain compliance and continually make improvements all year round.


Social Media Management

Our team understands the enormous potential of growing your business through the power of digital marketing. Regardless of the actual size of your organization, our social media management service will ensure that your marketing game plan is on the same level as that of the big players.   Our goal is to create and steadily enhance your brand awareness to continuously grow your audience, community, and follower base, which would altogether raise your conversion rates without spending huge amount of money.

Why Pharma GDP? Our company was established in order to help air logistics stakeholders build effective and efficient cold chain solutions and improve their level of competency in the field of pharmaceutical air freight. The combination of Pharma GDP’s expertise in Pharma air cargo management and digital marketing will allow for the highest level of digital marketing and management strategies on your company’s media platforms. Our knowledge of the Pharma air cargo industry allows us to gain access to the industry’s latest events, top articles, press releases, pictures, videos & more, thus rolling out interesting, exciting and dynamic content for your social media pages.

Get in touch with us today and let our dedicated team take care of all your social media platform necessities, from setting up, monitoring and routine maintenance. We’ll cover timeline posts, message responses and daily strategic online engagements such as pictures, videos, graphics, relevant hashtags, company news, press releases, industry-specific articles and trends, events, employee spotlights & more. In addition,  our special campaigns, targeted promotions, contests and giveaway tactics are sure to boost your site traffic and earn more qualified leads for your company.


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